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camping spots rates:

camping rates

2 adults +2 young+Pitch+fam.tent+auto P in high season: 2*10+2*4.5+16+6+2= 53 /night *

highest price, promotions also in high season

pay attention: if your tent seems to be bigger than average spot you might have double-pitch-rate in your quotation, to ensure you to have enough space ; if you're not going to use it we will remove it in final balance


available already from 2^night (L-M season)

up to 20% discount on earlier reservations

young travelers
from: 20€/night


from: 30€/night
first 2 weeks July

solo - travelers
from: 15€/night

minichalets' rates

Minicalet rates
minichalet rates 2024
minichaletprice24_3 - Copia.png


from: 450€/week
few availability in  first half July

  • Reservation is necessary?
    As we are in a remote location with no other options and a challenging road, it is always better to book via email or inquire about availability on WhatsApp. We are always very sorry to turn away people without a reservation because we have no available space. Especially during the peak season, usually between July 15th and August 20th; During this time, in fact, approximately 80% of the priority reservations are already confirmed with a deposit more than six months in advance, and in this time we try to accommodate new arrivals without "taking away" from those who booked well in advance
  • Can I come with a long vehicle?
    this is technically possible, but still not suggested (for vehicle over 7m...) the road is really narrow (let's say as a one way road but double way driving !), curvy and it climbs for 6km in to the woods, sometimes just beside a ravine... not for the faint of heart indeed. more to consider, specially in high season: we might not have so many place available, so please check before such an avventure to come, if we have place for you! we really don't like to send (scared-)people away :/ the best option to drive is from "Colletta" side for climbing up ( ! interdict for more than 8m vehicle, except if with trailer/caravans ) and the "Picchi" side for going to town: in this way you will have always the mountain on your side
  • How can I be sure if my tent will fit in the pitch?
    Thank you for questioning this and thank you for let us know the average size of your tent, more or less, so we can note it in your reservation and consider just the big enough spaces; if very big we usually book for you 2 pitch next to each other (if available), then if you're not going to use the second pitch we will remove its rate from final balance
  • Can I bring my dog with me? (/cat)
    Animals are welcomed in here, just please consider we are next to the woods so there will be plenty wild animals around, and of course camping life is a closely-community coexistence, so please make sure your pet won't disturb in any way your neighbors It is possible to take not more than 2 animals /family. 🐕🐕 Extra charge for each animal, please check the rates It is essential for us to be aware of your presence in advance through the booking process. This allows us to efficiently manage reservations and allocate sufficient space for each guest in the camping area. Specifically, for mini chalets, knowing in advance is particularly important as it allows us ample time for deep cleaning and sanitization, especially if we have incoming guests with allergies after your stay.
  • can I receive some friends during my staying?
    Yes, please inform us in time about this there is a tariff for daily visitors and also for overnight visitors, just let us know if you wish to offer them this tariff or let them pay in any case any people inside the camping site must register his document at arrival In really rare case, if campsite will be full, won't be possible to admit other people
  • Do I need to pay in advance to reserve?
    Yes, we normally require a 30% of your full quotation in advance. It is possible to pay by bank transfer or by cards (we use Sumup) or Paypal. This deposit can be return if you cancel your booking in time (before 14days prior your arrival) It can not be returned for early departure
  • can I buy groceries in there?
    The only commercial activity in the area are our selves and the restaurant "Freidour" We do have a little store in our reception for long-life-products , and in high season we can order for you some bread that will arrive 9.00 in the morning an other option can be to order some take away dishes from the restaurant next to us. Usually (it doesn't depend on us!) on Sundays mornings some local producers sells its own vegetables or honey or medical herbs or cheese just outside the camping The first shop/grocery are in the center of Giaveno or Cumiana, both at least 8km ( 13-14 min by car)
  • is there a campingcar service?
    In here you can empty your chemical toilet in appropriate wc, 2€ /discharge While: you can drain "grey water" , and free recharge your water tank before you place your vehicle or when your leaving
  • can I wash my car/camper/van?
    No, in order to save drinkable water and to preserve the pitch soil is not possible to wash your vehicle in our campsite
  • I heard about a difficult road, what's about?
    The road is extremely narrow (almost like a one-way road, but with two-way traffic!), winding, and climbs 6km through the woods, sometimes running alongside a ravine. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. The best option for driving is to approach from the "Colletta" side for climbing up (note that vehicles over 8m are prohibited unless they have a trailer like caravans), and use the "Picchi" side for going to town. This way, you'll always have the mountain on your side. For this reason, we recommend bringing groceries and supplies with you before arriving to avoid making too many trips.
  • can I come there with public transport?
    Hello. We are in Italy, very small village in a small town, mountain part... we think there's no possibility in the next 50 years to get here by public transport :/ you can get the closest by bus from Turin line 1510 extraurban for Cumiana; it will let you in the main (unique) square, 8km from us (and 600mt lower than us) ; or by train to Piscina di Pinerolo station; 13km from us.
  • how much does it costs...?
    The rates depend on the seasons and what you would like to book; the mini chalets have a rate based on the number of people and include basic Wi-Fi, access to the pool, access to the vegetable garden, hot water, gas, and energy consumption. The rates for pitches depend on the composition of your group, the type of equipment, and any extras (such as electrical hookup for 3A/10A pitches). If in doubt, please provide us with the details of your stay via email or the reservation form to confirm availability and get a non-binding quote! find rates on the top of this page :)
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