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only take away or delivery, open on Mondays

in Cantalupa

Our lovely  partners, just next door, you can find the excellent local kitchen.  Book a table in the lovely dehor or take away your meal

in Cumiana,  book a table, or order take away

in Turin



1361mt -1.45h

1358mt- 2.20h

1451mt- 2.20h


picnic table

pic nic area


water point


1086mt- 50m

970mt- 50m


800mt- 20m




1302mt -1.50h

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1060mt -2.50h




Survival courses- book your experience    (families, youth, stag/hen parties experience and team building

structured adventure Parks with paths of varying difficulty, click on the button for more information

water  leisure

our  outdoor swimming pool (10m*5m*1.2m is usually open from  the end of June till  half September

just here around you can find some little rivers or streams, sometimes you  can bath

with an extra ticket you can add the entrance to the swimming pool to that of the park

in 30m you can reach Avigliana,  in there 2 lakes, in one of this is possible to swim, other water activity

in 40m you're  in a wonderful natural  little waterfall, you can bath

in 30m a leisure center, swimmingpools with slides and little dinosaurs park

sight seeing

city to visit

our little town-  lair of partisan resistance during the second world war for which he received the Gold Medal for Civil Merit;  one of the European cities with more hamlets scattered over a territory that ranges from the mountains to the plains

Giaveno has very ancient origins; some scholars of local history trace the first settlement back to Roman times.

In 1898 in the municipality of Giaveno, the Swiss industrialist Adolfo Kind used skis for the first time in the Italian mountains. Starting from the hamlet of Prà Fieul, he climbed up to Monte Cugno dell'Alpet (2 072 m), just east of Punta dell'Aquila.

Pinerolo experienced its moment of greatest splendor when (from 1295) it was the capital of the Acaia dominion and center of culture, with a flourishing school of notaries and with the presence of numerous artists such as Beltrami and Canavesio from Pinerolo, in 1475, following the initiative of the French Jacottino de 'Rubeis, it became a prosperous center of typographic art.Pinerolo has linked its name to the history of cycling and the Giro d'Italia: the city has repeatedly been the starting and finishing point of stages of the pink race , and the Tour de France. It has hosted competitions in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, and the 2007 Turin Winter Universiade.

splendid city full of passages and historical events that has two beautiful lakes; visit the historic center, the dynamite museum and discover the history of Nobel; offers beautiful walks and bike paths in the Avigliana Lakes Natural Park

the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy (from 1861 to 1865), seat of the XX Olympic Winter Games in 2006, birthplace of some of the major symbols of Made in Italy in the world, such as Vermouth, Gianduja chocolate and Espresso Coffee , is the hub of the Italian automotive industry, as well as an important center for publishing, banking and insurance, information technology, cinema, food and wine, aerospace, industrial design, sport and fashion

it is the only Piedmontese municipality, besides Turin, to be able to boast the presence of more than one Savoy residence in its territory: the seventeenth-eighteenth-century Reggia di Venaria Reale and the nineteenth-century Royal Apartments of Borgo Castello, located in the La Mandria regional park; visit the historic center, the Royal Palace, the Park and the hamlets

just outside the Turin suburbs and is in strong connection with the same territory. The "Strada delle Gallie" passes through Rivoli, a Roman consular road built by Augustus that leads from Turin to France and which constitutes one of the main routes of the Via Francigena, a road historically traveled by pilgrims, merchants and armies, still today a destination for religious tourism . And it is connected to the city of Turin by the "Stradone del Re" [Re Sole] (today: Corso Francia) one of the longest straights in Europe (12 km). Between the end of the 1800s and the first half of the 1900s, Rivoli was one of the privileged places of summer residence of the Turin nobility and upper middle class: this led to the construction of elegant villas of considerable architectural value. Visit the historic center and the Rivoli Castle

Local Prod

wine tour   40min from  here

wine tour   1.20min from  here


Shopping and groceries



la burnia

La Burnia


little cozy BIOLOGICAL shop, foods and soap, only bulk goods_ 

if you need  a shopping center there are: Le Due Valli, in Pinerolo; Mondojuve ,in Vinovo; Le Gru, in Grugliasco; Outlet Village, in Settimo Torinese and more